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A protest email sent to Google about a problem with Google Campus Seoul

Hello, my name is Kenneth Lee. I run a software startup named Deduction Theory, LLC in the United States. I am married to an American wife and living in America and Korea.

I have been working on a project named Rellat since January 2017. The project is to create an online software service that combines code collaboration, Wikipedia, and social networking. And apart from software service, it is also an activity of "open study in open source way" in all other various fields. For more information, see Introducing Rellat: Open Source and Open Study Project.

We made a Rellat group on Facebook. The Rellat Korean Group currently has 885 members. The Rellat English Group has 46 members. Most of our members are working or studying in the software industry. I finish introducing who we are.

We signed up for borrowing an event place in the Google Campus Seoul on Monday, February 13, 2017. The day we wanted for borrowing was Friday, February 17. I applied for the application at the Google Campus Seoul website. And I received an email saying that my application was received properly.

The first email we received

Chase Lee on the email is my brother. He is also a member of our group. Then, on February 13, the same day that I applied, I received a questionnaire asking about the purpose of the event. And 2 days after, on the morning of Wednesday, February 15, an e-mail came and said, "Unfortunately, due to the intense competition, the event places were already fully booked."

The e-mail saying that the booking is full and my request was rejected

Well? However, the time on the calendar of the Google Campus Seoul website came out to be empty. I'll put a picture of screen captured below.

Capture of the Google Campus Seoul website created on February 18, 2017

So we decided to have a meeting in another place on February 17. And I decided to go to Google Campus Seoul on Thursday, February 16 at 11 AM to ask what I was curious about.

  1. The Google Campus Seoul’s website schedule calendar clearly states that there is no scheduled events at that time and it was completely empty. Then why they said something differently as it seems like a lie.
  2. After accepting the application, I recieved a questionnaire asking for the purpose of the event, and suddenly after two days, why they said there is the other reservation already taken?

So I went to Google Campus Seoul on Thursday, February 16, at 11 AM. I talked to the event manager. I'll link to the recording of the conversation. This YouTube link is a private that does not appear in search results.

"The Google Campus Seoul Event Manager(female)" who said she could not reveal her name said,
  • Manager: There is a lot of people who want to borrow an event place here. So the competition is fierce. Who will be selected and will be decided is only by our choice. It does not mean that you can be accepted whenever you try.

So I asked.
  • Kenneth Lee(me): So, can you tell me why we were not accepted from the selection? And why did you say that our reservation was canceled because another one was came first? Isn’t it dishonest and lying?

Then she said, "Wait a minute, I'll check it out." She looked at her laptop and answered.
  • Manager: It is true that the other event was booked before you on Friday, 17th of February. The event you are applying for is not lost in the selection process. It is canceled because of another reservation.

Huh? After I heard that, it didn’t make sense more. It seemed that the manager was changing the words she said at first. So I asked again.
  • Lee: Is it true and you can prove it now? We saw that the time on the Google Campus Seoul website’s calender was empty and the application was confirmed and accepted on the website.

Then the manager replied,
  • Manager: It's true. It is a fact that the event was reserved that was a non-public private event and was not listed on the website, and the event was booked in advance of yours.

From that moment on, I felt a little bit confused and depressed. So I asked.
  • Lee: Wasn’t it possible on your system that let the schedule as a closed event which is private and make it appeared on a website calendar? I'm a software developer, and I do not understand that global companies like Google can not do that. Are you telling me the truth now? Is it true that there was a schedule for a truly private event? And is it true that you could not handle it on the Google Campus website?

The manager said this.
  • Manager: It's true. I will send feedback to the website development team so that they can reflect on what you said.

Last time I asked.
  • Lee: Well then, you know, why did you say at first, "You’ve got lost because there were a lot of competition."? I am confused whether I have been eliminated from the selection or canceled due to a time reservation. If so, is it possible for us to choose another day and re-apply?

The manager replied:
Manager: It is theoretically true that the competition for here is hard. If you choose another day and apply again, we will see and judge again. But we can not guarantee whether or not it will become successful.

The story of my visiting is over. I have explained all the facts. From now on, I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
We do not necessarily have to go to the Google Campus in Seoul. It’s not very important that we couldn’t borrow the place in there. We do not have to. There are many other places we can choose for our event for the future. I have money. It’s not that I didn’t have enough money, so I tried to borrow a place from Google Campus Seoul. The reason I chose Google Campus Seoul was because I like Google.

The problem is that the way of Google Campus Seoul doing is wrong. It is wrong to hide the process and say like that. They can not trick people and play like that.

  1. If the purpose of our meeting is not what they want on the Google Campus, they can be honest and tell us.
  2. If the competition was so fierce that we have not been selected at that time, they can just tell us.
  3. If another schedule is booked in advance and our reservation was canceled, they can tell us frankly.
  4. But it’s not going to be accepted that they try to trick us by mixing 1, 2, and 3 above.

If an unofficial event is held in advance, it can be displayed on the schedule calendar as it is. They can display the booking status on their website calendar and describe it is private event. That’s all. It's hard to accept as a software developer like us that they don’t have ability to do that yet. Can you believe that Google Campus is not ready to have those function in their website?, and a global software companies can not do that? I don’t think so. Even I can handle it within two hours if someone ask me to make those kind of function. Train ticket booking, air ticket booking, and even movie ticket booking systems are smarter than that. Is it that much difficult to transparently manage the process of filing a proposal, making an appraisal, and making a final choice? I don’t think so.

And the event manager woman refused to reveal her name. It's also wrong behavior. Is it possible that an interpersonal service, that is to say, an employee who is in charge of serving outside customers, can not reveal their name? For example, think about an employee saying like this: "Hello, I am an anonymous person who can not reveal my name of an event manager at Google Campus Seoul.” Does this make sense to you?

When I look at all of these situations, I can not see why Google Campus Seoul did that, but it seems to have done discrimination against us. We want Google headquarters to investigate it and take action.

I have respect and affection for a company called Google. I live in Houston, Texas, USA. I often go to Silicon Valley for my business. I often stop by Google in Mountain View whenever I visit. Because the sight of the people there, and the company itself, give me a positive inspiration. I personally like the services that Google offers. Even if I have the ability to develop my own website, I use my company and business domain to link to Google bloggers. Because I want to show others that I love Google services.

In Korea, it is called “acting like a mafia” when people do such as "giving disadvantage to others because of personal judgment". When Google came to Korea, did you learn only bad things from Korean culture? I did not think that this would happen in a global company like Google I like. Corporate trust can collapse in unexpected places. It's hard to build trust, but it's easy to lose. I hope Google does not become such an unfortunate example.

The email I sent was written in both Korean and English, and was sent to Google's US headquarters and the Korean branch at the same time. And it is also posted on the blog of the Rellat project I run. Our members are wondering how you will response and answer us. I will also post the responses from Google. If you ignore it and do not respond, I will post it regularly that there was no answer. I'll wait for a thoughtful response from you. Thank you.

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Hello, I’m Kenneth Lee. I'm a business man who live in South Korea and America. I work in the software company "Deduction Theory, LLC" as CEO.
I'm looking for a translating volunteer for my open source computer programming education project "Rellat".
I think this project will help many children, students, adults who are living in all around world, especially low income people. This project is free for everyone. It's designed for helping people. I will also make schools and orphanages in low income countries to teach the kids computer programming for they can have a better job.
Please visit the web page below that introduces Rellat project and tell me if you think that is worthy to give your help.
Introducing Rellat: Open Source and Open Study Project
There are Korean and English contents in this projects for translating to the other languages. I wrote all of them originally. So you can choose English or Korean from the original contents to translate whether you want.
We are opened to every language in the world. Thank you.
Hello. I'm Chase Lee. who is working on Rellat Project with Kenneth Lee.
When I was a child, I used to make animation with adobe flash program. Then I wanted to make a game with it, so I start coding with action script. That was the first time I started programming.
The methodology of Rellat is the same as the way I do my usual work.
In fact, when I look at the code that goes over 500 lines, I have no sense and I can not remember all of them. Even these days, I still can not remember some of simple code syntax, so I often google it.
Instead, I keep track of what kind of thinking the code was made in, and what relativity information it uses. This is a coding methodology, a coding style or a computing perspective in Deduction Theory
By understanding how to think, you can compare how handling information better. This is the essence, and the most important thing.
The remaining space in the program can be filled by the power of Google and stack overflow.
I think you also can do a massive high-quality information processing by this way without confusing into new technologies and tens of thousands of lines of codes that are constantly being created.

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